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Unfilled requests: Gay

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Oct. 16th, 2016 | 10:00 am

Het|Gay|P/E E/P|Either|Other|Gen + info


1. Edgeworth/Gumshoe orgasm denial

2. Consensual Gant/Edgeworth, please, full of snark and attempted power plays on both ends.

3. Moe + Russel Berry.
Denied orgasm from laughing too much?

4. GS4!nick/apollo

Innuendo, in an awkward place, Apollo trying really had to pretend it's not happening.

5. Phoenix / Edgeworth (or Klavier / Apollo) - in that order...

Witness protection.

As in, for some reason, the defence attorney has to go into hiding (death threats or something) and the easiest thing is to live with the prosecution (log cabin scenario anyone) until the trial is over.

Cue arguments, disagreements, forced to live in close proximity, accidentally walking in on eachother in the shower, putting up with strange habits, Phoenix is terribly horny but it would be just wrong to indulge himself when Edgeworth is sleeping in the next room...

...all with the aim to an eventual sexy get-together, of course. ;3

(Reply to this)(Thread)

6. Dahlia/Mimi. Cracky pairing, yeah, but I think it would be hot. Kinks to include rape on a hospital bed and Dahlia generally being the twisted little so-and-so she is. Medical kink optional.

7. Hobo!Fee/Apollo. Ice cubes. Frot. Bonus points for making Apollo wear Feenie's beanie.

8. Maya/Penny and Steel Samurai fanfiction. Mutual masturbation or something of the like.

9. Manfred/Gregory, Von Karma tops, some kind of light bondage for Gregory, angry angry sex.

10. Apollo/klavier, with polly masturbating in front of Klav.

11. HoboFeenie/Apollo, phonesex. It would be cute!

12. Diego/Edgeworth -- Diego is flirtacious because Edgeworth is so much fun to unsettle. The more absurd innuendo, the better!

13. Furio/Phoenix. Animalistic behavior/fetishization.

14. Gant/Acro, in prison when Acro is in his wheelchair in the shower. Bonus points for detail about what it would be like to have sex/whatever when you can't feel the bottom half of your body.

lol obviously just watched some oz

15. Matt/Ron DeLite

I don't know where or anything, just make it work. Since Ron seems so submissive. *grin*

Kink: Scratching on skin. Bonus points for little blood.

16. I can't really think of a pairing for it (I'd prefer not het, nor phoenix/edgeworth), but I'd like to see a fic where one party exhibits stockholm syndrome and the other party decides to take advantage of that

17. Maki/Daian; Ticklefight. (I KNOW IT'S WEIRD. D:)

18. Gant/Edgeworth non-con... going however far you want, but with a HAPPY ENDING. I want Phoenix to bust in and save Edgeworth! :D

19.Godot/Diego Armando


20. Right, right, so there was that epic request for P/E CYBERING back on page one or something, yes? This anon would love it if someone would play that broken record once more for a GS4 version of either HoboFeenie/Apollo or Klavier/Apollo because cybering fics are the funniest shit ever.

21. How about a shrink-fic?
Lol, I have creepy kinks. D:

[Phoenix/Edgeworth or Godot/Edgeworth]
An incident occurs (your choice) leaving Miles only a few inches tall.

bonus: Miles bathing in a coffee cup. :D
Intraweb wins: It's a smut fic. >3

22. Anything serious Godot/Luke Atmey

I hate dom/sub stereotypes, fyi. And I don't want any Luke Atmey's nose funnies. I'm totally serious about this fic.

Bonus points for Atmey monologues during sex.

23. Gant/Dumbledore. One of them's already been outed, so why not.

24. Any slash pairing, hypnosis.

25. Larry/Edgeworth

Non-con or dub-con. Edgeworth must call him "Master Larry." Mmmyes.

26. Kristoph/Phoenix hate!sex (or something along those lines) in which Phoenix accidentally calls him "Miles" or "Edgeworth", gets corrected, doesn't care, and keeps calling him that for kicks and giggles anyway. The more frustrated Kristoph gets, the better.

27. Not sure if this counts as kink...


Something like Matt loses his conciousness, and suddenly finds himself getting f*cked by Evil!Matt in his dream-like state. Bonus points if Juan is watching it.

I'll try to draw one of those requests...

28. So we're on page 16, feelin pretty good, right? We got some mpreg over here, some Gourdy sex over there, a threesome or two...


WTF YOU GUYS. The possibilities are endless! There's "woe, we're not sleep with Edgeworth" angst, or "fuck Edgeworth, that prick" hurt/comfort, or maybe Phoenix gets off on the Blue Badger, I don't know!


29. Jake and Neil. Incest. Sex...with a cactus.

30. Diego/Neil. They should have an unspoken rivalry about who is the better, sexier man. Lots of witty banter. The situation is up to anon, but as a possible suggestion they could have a guy's night out after a tough case (strip bar? xD~) and they end up getting physical with each other.

31. Ghost!von Karma/Hobo!Phoenix. "We aren't so different, you know."

33. I am in desperate need of some good, dirty Godot/Ron DeLite smut. Kink is clothed (under/through/undoing of clothes maybe?), in some semi-public location (alley, bathroom, out-of-the-way courtroom hallway, etc.), but anything is okay, really, as there's not nearly enough porn of this pairing.

34. ShellyMatt, in Adrian's office!
...Oh ho ho, while I'm at it, make Shelly wear leather gloves. And Socks.

35. Anon wants some hot makeout sessions. Preferably NaruMitsu, but I don't object to Godot on either of them too (Or maybe all threee at the same time? >D).

Just no smut. Okay?

36.RIGHT. I wan fluff. Because... fluff is totally a kink. And I die without it. But I want fluff with KRISTOPH. Yes. Genuine fluff. Not faked. With either Nicky-boy or Polly Pocket.

...I'm currently wondering if this is even possible. XD

(Bonus points for it being from his POV, double for the fluff being mixed with what you'd expect him to be thinking.)

37. Maximillion Galactica/Richard Wellington. Make it FABULOUS, anon. Kink? Maybe drunk sex? I want Max to give Richard one of his "hearts".

38. Franziska/Adrian - but Adrian as dom, Fran as sub. Really want to see if anyone can pull this off convincingly, bonus points for creative whip usage!

39. Gumshoe gets wounded or something in the line of duty (maybe shot by a fleeing suspect or something), and this ends up being the key event that gets Edgeworth to admit his love (however reluctant and awkward) for Gumshoe.

If it's super angsty (with Gumshoe dying or not reciprocating or something) that's okay, but ideally I'd like at least something approaching a happy ending.

40. While in prison, Matt Engarde accidentally annoys Damon Gant. Bad Move.

Feel free to take it where ever you like.


42. Please! Diego/Young!Miles.

Miles has just started work and Diego decides to check out the newbie. How ever, paying main attention on Miles' ass he thinks Edgeworth is a woman! Then take it however you want but smut is very nice!

Of course, Diego will discover this woman isn't quite a lady in some way.
Also note that Edgeworth is Ukeworth, probably being a little more shy than usual being new around Diego!

Bonus for :

For 1000 points - Cheesy pick up lines/calling Edgeworth a kitten alot; During sex and suducing.
For 2500 Points - Smut on a photocopy machine! 8B

43. Kristoph/Klavier, spanking. (Consensual, plz)

Preferably with sex afterwards.

44. Phoenix/Apollo or Phoenix/Klavier. I don't care what else happens or how; I just want them to SCREW EACH OTHER SENSELESS. Big bonuses for referencing Edgeworth somehow, though, even for just one line.

45. Adrian masturbating desperately to thoughts of either Celeste or Franziska. Or both.

Perhaps in prison.

and she could get caught. >_>

46. Redd White/Richard Wellington

in a fancy-ass hotel room

on a bed covered in money.

47. I have to ask for twincest. Please. I mean, it's a kink meme, right? That's my kink. Lots of bonus points if Iris kinda sorta likes it.


48. Ema/Lisa, kink is weird-sciencey kind of technophillia

49. Godot/Tigre or Godot/Miles
-Forced Chastity

50. This anon...

would like some Bentrilocest. >:3
(I swear, that's kink enough on its own)

51. Godot/Ron Delite: I NEED SOME.

The potential for mindfuck in this pairing is astounding.

52. Needs moar Gregory/Manfred with Gregory as the snarky uke. Hatesex is good.

Hatesex is always good.

I don't know why I find this pairing so hot ;_;

53. Gregory Edgeworth/Winston Payne.

Come ON. You know he was hot when he was younger...

54. Jake Marshall/Gumshoe.
Their kink? Hmm... how about late nights at the office?

55. Garyuucest or Kristoph/Klavier or whatever you wanna call it. If that's not kinky enough (yo guys are insatiable) some optional suggestions are- lots of trust, punishment, Kristoph's POV, being walked in on by Phoenix or someone.

Just, please? You don't even have to do any of that. I just want something. ANYTHING D=


Basically, Godot keeps teasing Jake about his hair(calling him female names and stuff like that) and/or his cowboy attire (like, "I thought dress-up was for girls").
Soo..Jake grows tired of this, and to prove that he is more of a man than Godot, they begin to fight and just like how every fight should end; they have wonderful frustrated office hatesex! Yay!

Jake needs more love ~

57. I would really, really like either Phoenix/Edgeworth or Fran/Adrian. Either is good since I love them both! I would also really love some fluff! Although I won't say no to pretty much anything else!

I would like them locked in the Courtroom way after Court is adjourned. Maybe around midnight? They are the only ones there and are going to have to stay the night. Why? I'm not really sure...maybe it was an accident, maybe they have to take shelter or maybe they wanted to. Your decision

SO MANY BONUS POINTS - As in infinity of internets and maybe some of my soul - if you have them dancing at one point or another.

58. AU, Diego/Phoenix

Diego (either post-coma, or no coma at all) not sure he likes the new rookie at the Armando-Fey law offices, but Mia was fairly insistent. So he goes to inspect the newbie on his own terms. By which I mean sex. Bonus points for Mia catching them. Super triple bonus points for Mia not making them stop.

59. Godot/Any Male

Blinded and bound, Godot's tough exterior is difficult to keep up. Maybe Edgeworth and Wright have a go? Or even The Tiger?

Non-con is love. Humiliation, messing with his head? It's all good.

60. MAYBE I MISSED IT (and if I did pretty please link me and I will slink away in shame/glee) but I an not seeing NEARLY enough Will Powers/Jack Hammer.


Ergo: Will/Jack, and I'm the biggest tard there is for start-of-relationship fic. If you can get them to talk to each other and be adorably awkward grown men about the whole thing I will LOVE YOU FOREVER. First glances, first touches, first kisses -- and how it goes down when the men involved already spend a considerable amount of time rolling around on sparring mats together >.>

EXTRA BONUS POINTS for Will being the adorably apologetic and vaguely pessimistic HUGE HAIRY MAN-BEAST that he is <3

EXTRA EXTRA bonus points for mention of the RIDICULOUS AGE DIFFERENCE (14 years whut)


61. Apollo walks in on Kristoph/Nick preGS4. And, at the end of the story, uses it as blackmail... though still his adorable flustered self about it~! Because Polly is cleverer than people give him credit.

(Bonus points if the blackmail is post GS4. Or if it occurs with Apollo/Nick post GS4!)

62. Phoenix/Edgeworth and Franziska/Adrian DOUBLE DATE.


make it as kinky/angsty/fluffy/hilarious as you'd like.
63. Gant x Meekins, handcuffs. Bonus points if you can involve Gumshoe and the Blue Badger somehow.

64. I want to see something somewhere after the first case of GS4 in which Kristoph tries to force Apollo into some kind of sexual activity, but before it gets too bad, Phoenix shows up and comes to the rescue. :3 'Cause as goofy and dumb as he is, we know he's looking out for the little guy.

What happens after that is up to your imagination. Maybe THEY go off and have sex. I dunno. 8D

65. Gant x Manfred & a hint of Gant x Franziska.

Pre-GS1, Franziska (16 or 17ish) visits her papa in America and watches him in the courthouse. Gant toddles over and starts chatting with them.

Later, during sex, Gant starts taunting Manfred about how hot his daughter is, and how he's going to tap that someday, whether Manny approves or not.

66. Edgeworth/Kristoph

Hatesex with Kristoph topping.

I don't care how, just make it make a little bit of sense.

67. Mia/Dahlia! I think that's enough of a kink, so do whatever you want with it. 8D

68. So this anon is sad because no anon did her request at part one... and she already fulfilled a few of other requests...

This anon wants to see MOAR GodotPhoenix (preferably fucking XD) please~! (And ... actually this anon won't mind a begging!Phoenix with cock ring and vibrator heh heh heh *evil laugh*)

Thank you~~~!

69. Gregory Edgeworth/Miles Edgeworth. Something to do with time travel maybe?

70. Redd White offers Damon Gant a position on his staff. :3

71. Takano from Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai.

and Matt Engarde.

Both trying to dom during crazy sex.

Ready? GO!!

72. Gumshoe needs money, and wants to be close to Maggey.

So he gets a part time job at the Trés Bien.

Jean happens to have a uniform that fits him, and teaches Gumshoe about the "special services" he has his male waiters perform~

Perhaps he has to loosen up Gumshoe first, with inhibition-killing/aphrodesiac body oils~?

73. Apollo/Kristoph, pre GS4, with Apollo knowing more about the spoiler than he maybe lets on in the game. Bonus for it being when he's 18-ish, but naything pre GS4... Polly angst, and Kristoph being very aggressive.

74. Maya visits Adrian in jail.

Celeste possesses her*

Dom!Celeste, that is all I ask.

*her can be either of them actually. *_*

75. I have just noticed that Redd White refers to Edgeworth as "Miles." WERE THE TWO INTIMATE? WAS WHITE BLACKMAILING HIM, TOO? EXPLAIN IT TO ME, ANON.

(oh, god, the image of White blackmailing Edgeworth fills me with a sadistic kind of glee.)

76.I just saw 'Philadelphia' and it made me want to see gay lawyers. But not just that, gay lawyers with aids in probably a later stage. Because I'm a big fag and I want some love and tears and snuff, in the end.

Make me cry, anon.

77. I'm one of like three other anonymice who comes forward to BEG you good people for some rimming. D: It's not gross if you've just washed beforehand, I promise!

Though I can't speak for anyone else, Phoenix/Edgeworth is always loved (I quite imagine the usually stony Edgeworth being a total freaking sucker for getting rimmed). I'd take anything involving Gant or Godot too. *shift*

Plz~ <3

78. Shortly after taking Miles in, von Karma discovers the boy is actually a hermaphrodite. He makes Miles feel ashamed because of it, and maybe later on there bez some improper touching( should be when Miles is older. Like, pubescent. Like, not as jailbait-y).. OR, yanno, all-out raeptiem...

Bonus points if there's Phoenix/Edgeworth in there somewhere too <3

79. Diego/Godot, please!

A spanking turns into a thorough roughing up.
Diego just can't resist playing rough with himself.
How thorough? As much as Anon wants; redness to the skin, bruises, broken skin, gore? Anything goes!

80. :D?

So... I want Apollo/College!Feenie. How this happens is up to you, but Apollo has to top.

And GS4age!Edgeworth and Hobohodo have to watch and provide running commentary. :3 Lots of snark and grouching, pleaseeeeeeee anon. Ohgodsplease.




82. After 3-5, what I really want to see is Franziska/Maggey. Franny is not pleased to find out her whipping boy man has a girlfriend, and so she takes her revenge. Her naked revenge.

Super double bonus points if she makes Gumshoe watch.

83. I know this one might not be too original,

But I would love to see Gant doing Miles over his Miles' desk, and Phoenix is forced to watch. Extra points if it is after GS1-4 and Gant has escaped prison.

84. Apollo/Phoenix, a really properly big kiss under mistletoe. Initiated by Apollo. Bonus points for being in front of all the others, but with them forgetting. [Also, can be before any relationship.]

Merry Christmas/holidays/WHATEVER, anyone! <3 you all. This is the most epic kink meme ever, amirite?

85. I want to see some Manfred von Karma/Gregory Edgeworth. von Karma's sex runs on a very tight schedule.

86. Okay, a little fucking with continuity for this one:

After Phoenix looses his attorney's badge, he dumps Edgeworth... for Godot.

He can't face Edgeworth after what happened, he doesn't feel like he wants (or deserves) a real, loving relationship. Godot treats him like dirt and regards him as a sex toy, which is exactly what he thinks he needs right now.

Miles is upset, but he's also hurt and extremely pissed off that he's been dumped. His pride is going to get in the way, obviously. He still cares, though, and I assume Phoenix cares about him. Maybe that's why it's so hard to look at him.

Not a white knight scenario. Godot is hard, but it's all consentual. I'd love it if Miles and Phoenix could end up together at the end, though.

87. Dear, Anon.

For Christmas, I would like a containing Gregory Edgeworth giving von Karma a Christmas present.

The catch? No Fluff.
Sex not required. Bonus points if von Karma jerks off about it, though.

88. During JFA:
Phoenix misses Edgey.
Regina marries the puppet.

Phoenix and Max console each other with sex. Possibly in Phoenix's office. Possibly after a few drinks.

89. Pairing is Phoenix and any (preferably male) defendant (that is not Maya).

Kink is attempted sex through the glass in the detention center.

Bonus points for Maya and Security Guard's reactions.

(And no GS3 please. Anon is still waiting to play it. D:)


90. Diego/Edgeworth AU where Diego is a teacher and Edgeworth is a student. Sex. I don't particularly care how or why it happens.

91. Okay, anon.

My kink is shaving. But not like, facial shaving or leg shaving. No, I'm talking pubic hair shaving. Specifically for guys.

I'd prefer it to be a yaoi pairing, with hints of dub-con - as in, one is shaving the other and the one being shaved is not particularly thrilled/actually doesn't want it to happen at all, but there's some reason why he won't forcibly stop it.

Pairing/circumstances is up to you! Thanks for feeding my perversions like I do yours, anon!

92. I will be absolutely amazed if someone in this fandom loves history as much as I do. That said, I really don't expect this to be written but if it does I shall be epically happy.

Any of the following homosexual pairings:
Phoenix x Edgeworth
Luke Atmey x Ron Delite
Edgeworth x (AU Male) Mia (I am an oddity!)

Anyways, the kink is that it has to be an AU that takes place in the thirties in which the hanky code is used. The hanky code is basically a rule in which different color hankies in your back pocket represent what type of sexy!time you want. I don't care what you use. Oh, and you get extra points if it starts off as anonymous sex and then they recognize each other as aquantinces.

I will stress, that I am completely weird. XD.

Good luck you kink-memers.

93. Man I feel weird for this one...

Matt/Juan hatesex, except that they're both women omg! Whether they got magically turned into women or were just that way the whole time in some weird AU doesn't matter, as long as it ends up with really hatefilled girlsex. The more feminine they both are the better!

Genderswapping the rest of the cast is up to your discretion.

94. I just watched Kill Bill. Now it's in my head.


Extra points if Diego actually wakes up, and Gant hits the button to up his morphine level or imitates Dr. Hotti's voice to lull him back to sleep.

Basically, I want it to make me laugh my ass off. XD

95. Godot's scared that he might be going for the men. To reconfirm his sexuality, Godot channels Mia, but she resists him. Instead she tells him that it is a delicious Phoenix, and he must seduce it.

Maybe not in those words, but whatever works for anon.

96. Gant/Wellington. Prison rape plz.

97. Where's my Nick/Apollo? ):
I want virgin!Apollo and snarky!hobo Phoenix. It's all I ask. Prompt? I dunno lol. Apollo trying to impress Phoenix?

Phoenix tops. But you already knew that.


My meme-y friends, it can be stressful coming out of the closet. Let's have a fic where Mia throws Phoenix a beautiful sparkly COMING OUT PARTY. (Everyone's invited.)

Preferably post-mortem, and bonus points if the Pink Princess makes an appearance.

99. Engarde/Wright OR DeKiller/Wright

Kink: Hypnosis.

Because Phoenix needs to be punished for what he did to Gumshoe on page 2 >:|

100. Apollo/Kristoph, post game. Apollo topping please and bonus for breath play, but any way you do it as long as it's done will make me happy.




102. Larry/Ron. Anything. Humorous preferably, and smut is always welcome. I NEED ME SOME RON SLASH DAMNIT.

103. Guuuuuuuise! I'm so dissapointed in you! Neither this kink meme or the general fandom has Skyecest! I've seen and heard of pretty much every sibling and foster-sibling in the series paired up except Ema and Lana!

So, that's what is anon is requesting. I'm gonna be flexible with this; the Ema/Lana can take place before SL-9, between SL-9 and 1-5, Between JFA and GS4 or even during the GS4 timeline. It can happen anywhere, too, and it can be angsty, smutty, fluffy or somewhere in between! As long as there's some Skye sister lovin' >3

104. Can I request Dee/Morgan fanart and fanfiction?

And fanart of Phoenix in bondage....wearing almost nothing.....gagged......

These requests make this fangirl squee!

105. This OP wants a Godot/Phoenix, in that order.

It's a 'bad Phoenix' scenario. Involving Godot being completely confused about his feelings for Phoenix, on the brink of insanity before Phoenix confesses his love to him. You can include the following kinks, I want at least THREE of them:

Names, nicknames, endearments
Semi-public sex (The classic 'blow job under the desk' scenario.)
Toys (Using on oneself, see 'Masturbation')
Masturbation (Where one would catch the other)
Sex in a car (front seat or back seat.)
First time

106. Godot/Edgeworth - Non con or dub con, plot isn't needed!


Must be in that order and MUST involve the stun gun.

XBOX HUEG bonus points if he brings up how much Phoenix reminds him of Gregory Edgeworth. But not as a compliment.

108. Okay. Ron Delite/Masque DeMasque x Luke Atmey. Atmey gets kidnapped by banditos slave traders in Tijuana. Delite/Masque swooshes in to save the day.

I don't even particularly ship this pairing, BUT I HAD A CRAZY-FUCK DREAM LAST NIGHT AND I MUST RELIVE THE ACTION =0

109. Gant x __DLEJACK


110. I want Phoenix/Apollo, with Phoenix giving horrible innuendos in an equally awkwardly horrible place. =D Can be pre-relationship, established, start of, whatever.

Sex, kissing, etc, is a bonus, but not required. Just... XD This thought made me giggle.

My current kink is possesive/jealous natures. If you can incorporate that in an:
Phoenix must bottom and jealousy has to be felt by either Kirhito, Edgey, or Godot because someone is mackin' on there Feenie. Smut is much much much wanted.

Extra points for revelations of love from both parties.

112. Jack/Will. DATE RAPE.

been reading too many Zarla comics.

113. ...I have not yet seen Penny Nichols (or worse, Dee Vasquez)(double-worse: Wendy Oldbag)...

...walking in on Will and Jack having sex.


I will personally grant the request of whatever Anon fills this.

114. Anon's kink is: jealousy

Now, now, I know we've seen this before, buuuuut...

Anon wants Matt/Juan. One starts sexing any fangirl who comes to call (probably Matt because I see Juan being more loyal), other one walks in, craving sex and gets really jealous.

This can lead to three-some (or more depending on how many fans are present XD), or beating the crap out of (Matt) and fan, or anything else.




I dunno, when they were younger before DL-6? Hero complex? Ghostsex (angry)? Bizarre AU? Polly was Edgeworthmommy's cousin or something? Ghostsex (sad)? I have no idea. BUT IF YOU CAN MAKE IT WORK, I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER.

116. Mia/Lana. Cookie dough. Sex.

117. I crave Will/Jack.
Jack would be a preferable dom, but either would make anon happy. <3
I want to see cuddling, and fluff and Jack having a sort of thing for Will's... fuzz. ^_^
Bonus for no mention of Dee or Sal because I really hate those two forever.

118. This next prompt is impossible. Make no attempt to write it.

A continuation of the fabulous Ema Skye/GLaDOS fic here (http://teagueful.livejournal.com/11393.html?thread=2283137#t2283137).

Bonus points for Ema deciding, after the device has been modified, to use the portals for autocunnilingus. Whether she does this in view of one of GLaDOS's cameras or not is up to anon. <3

120. I am absolutely dying from the lack of Gregory Edgeworth and Manfred von Karma. Nothing would make this twisted little fangirl happier then just a nice, big smattering of some Gregory/Manfred lovin'. No preference as to who's seme or who's uke, or anything else. Just give me the Gregman.

121. This meme needs more Diego (Or Godot)/Edgeworth (Young!Edgeworth)

I ask of anon for all that is wonderful! Fluff and/or sex is welcome!~

Bonus :

- If Diego finds out Gant is 'swimming' with Edgeworth and tries to comfort him.
- Role playing in bed (EG, Cop Diego(Godot) and criminal Edgeworth ;D)
- The use of cat collars
- Some how Godot travels back in time and has some threesome with Diego and Young Edgeworth :D


122. Gregory/von Karma MPREG plz.

Could be why there's no Mrs. Edgeworth.

123. Gregory Edgeworth and Manfred von Karma; Gregory is a ghost and has come back to "haunt" Manfred -- and the two end up having sort of "phone sex" (since ghost/human sex doesn't really work too well).

124. Everyone's favorite ubergay prosecutor -- Edgeworth, of course -- somehow gets conned/tricked/loses a bet/etc. into dating some woman. Woman up to you, but he is not into her, and asks Wright for dating advice.

Phoenix: Now ask her how her day went!
Edgeworth: How was your day?
Woman: Well, first I got up, then I had a piece of toast, then I brushed my teeth ...
Edgeworth: Wright, look what you've done, now she won't shut up!
Phoenix: That's normal, trust me. Just nod a lot and say "uh-huh."


BONUS POINTS if it's YOUNG PHOENIX (case 3-1 era)

126. Godot/Phoenix. Hate sex/non con. Make it hard...

Bonus point if it's because of Mia's demise/angst & involve coffee...

Be creative!

127. Apollo isn't as innocent as everyone believes... Apollo/Phoenix

128. Oh man. New fandom kink, I swear. Anon, give me some Gyakuten Saiban/Yuugiou. Seriously, it's my new guilty pleasure. Need I give my reasons why they're connected?

1. Yanni Yogi's name = Yami Yuugi. C'mon, the double personality thing! It's right on court-records.net!
2. Takayuki Kondou - played the first voice for Honda Hiroto (Yuugiou: Duel Monsters) and Naruhodou Ryuuichi for TGS.
3. Reiji and Ryuu seem a lot like our favorite rival couple from Yuugiou...

On that note, my main guilty pleasure... Reiji/Seto. Seto is my favorite fiction character of all time, and he and Reiji just work. Sexy and immoral CEO with hot truth-seeking lawyer? C'mon. Just a couple minor pet peeves so no one makes a mistake:

1. Seto is taller and has skinnier hips, but he's not a skinny innocent uke type. He's also ten (or more) years younger. And yes, he's a crooked businessman.
2. Reiji/Miles is more broad all-around (just look at pics of him, he's a normal guy, not some skinny bishounen uke boy thing) He's also got more of a gentle soul compared to Seto. XD You guys prolly know that, but... HE'S NOT EVIL!

Anyway, I'm requesting some Reiji/Seto or Seto/Reiji (or both), please. =3 I already have a whole story for the two and some fics written, but I'd like to see anyone else's take on it. My kink? Bondage (light, or ropes), gags, and safewords. XD Sorry if it's too specific and TL;DR OMFG. (ENGLISH NAMES ARE FINE, TOO. If you do this, I just request that Seto stay Japanese. He has a KaibaCorp HQ in America and knows English, so it's no problem.)


129. Gregory/Little Miles noncon/dubcon.

Come on guys, let's prove once and for all that Manfred was the better father.


My kink? Foodplay--whether eating off of someone's body or like licking melted chocolate / honey off their naked body, or something.

Any (reasonably non-crack) femslash is good--preffered would be Franziska+Adrian but I would welcome FranMaya, AdrianCeleste, MiaLana, AngelLana, MayaRegina, or whatever.

Please I just crave femslash like whoa. ;_;

131. Matt/Richard.

Something to do with Matt's blood fetish. Bonus points if the scarf on Ricky's neck is used.

Make it consensual,anon. I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT.

132. Looking through the list of kinks, I think I've found one that I'd like to see:


I know it's crack, but I just really, really love this pairing. =/

133. Girlslash, cunnilingus. Extra points for 69.

Any reasonable pairing though I admit a soft spot for Friska and Adrian.

134. Gant/Diego. Just because I'm deathly curious about who tops.

135. Jake Marshall/Diego Armando

Kink is culture clash. The wild cowboy with the city-raised lawyer. <3

Bonus points for Jake's bad spanish. ("That is not how you say compadre!")

136. RIGHT, you know all these Torcwood/PW requests? While making a cup of tea, it came to me!

IANTO AND DIEGO OR GODOT. Even as a ship. The prompt? COFFEE. (Or even that whole 'King Ianto's coffee club' that was used to explain cults on that IC website XDDDD)

137. Dammit I want me some Apollo/Phoenix! Kink: Edgeworth's name must be mentioned and Apollo must realize what great hands (fingers) Phoenix has. It can be through Phonix playing the piano or whatever. And Phoenix must bottom if any smex ensues (dear Lord I hope it does)! PLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEE

138. How about, Edgeworth, during sex, goes back into german-talk while Diego(or Godot) goes back to spanish-talk during sex with Edgeworth? Take that however you want, just no Diego/Mia in here, I want Diego(or Godot)/Edgeworth people!

139. We need some Franziska x Maya. The kink is light S & M. You get extra points if they have sex in some place where they have to hurry. (During recess, in Phoenix's office while he's gone, anything like that.)

Godot/Edgeworth fluff please? Anything will do, just rott my teeth, anon!

141. This has been a plotbunny bugging me for a few days, but since I can't write anything remotely smutty, I'm posting it here 8D

Anyway, it's a Phoenix/Apollo fic where it's Phoenix's birthday. Something happens (Which is up to the anon to decide; my idea was horribly cliche) and the two end up in this HEATED make out session (it could be their first time together, or they could already be lovers; like I said, YOU CHOOSE ANON~).
When they're up to the point where, y'know, the shirts have been discarded, they're getting a bit raunchier, and they're thinking 'hey we should probably move to a better place so we can have hot buttsecks', Trucy should come in screaming 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA :D', and should then proceed to having her brain broken :D

A-Aftermath is up to anon, and please have Trucy aware of the *spoilers*, because that makes the brain breakage much more fun :D

C'mon, fandom, we need Feenie/Polly <3

142. Hey, anon. Take a look at this picture:

I think you see where I'm going with this.

I want someone to have broken into Wright & Co. Talent Agency, or maybe Phoenix's apartment, robbed the place, and, upon discovering Phoenix there (maybe he was sleeping or something), beating and tying him up.

Fast forward... a few hours. Kristoph and Phoenix were supposed to meet somewhere, but Phoenix never showed. Concerned (though maybe only for his own selfish reasons, or maybe only compelled into curiosity), Kristoph goes to look for Phoenix, finds him beaten up and bound, and, interested and amused, proceeds to have his way with Phoenix.

Bonus points for fully-clothed Kristoph.
More bonus points for Kristoph talking to Phoenix very condescendingly during sex.


You know you want it.

144. So we're all aware of Franziska/Adrian, as immortalized by the great Follow the Fool. But. What if Franziska never actually reciprocated Adrian's feelings? After Adrian gets out of prison, she might be a bit clingy around Franziska, which she might find a bit annoying but generally harmless. Then something happens that causes Adrian to reveal her real feelings and--

"Ms. Andrews. I am afraid I may have inadvertently manipulated your emotions in such a way that you would have reason to believe that I am romantically attracted to you. However, that is not the case."

...or, y'know, something along those lines. (ugh if I can't keep my prompts under a line or two they're almost always 'watch out so you don't write it yourself' :/)

From: Adrian
To: Franziska
Subject: sad angsty unrequited love

145. Manfred von Karma and Redd White pls. Pls to be putting von Karma on top, and and oh lawd.

Redd has a prince albert piercing. Manfred probably lols at him.

Time is preferably before 1-2, like way before. Place is up to anon!


146. Phoenix/Apollo.

Phoenix won't go on unless Apollo tells him some of his fantasies.

Pairings for these fantasies could be: Phoenix/Kristoph, Phoenix/Klavier, Apollo/Klavier, Kristoph/Klavier, Apollo/Kristoph.

A/Kristoph and P/Kristoph would be awesome if they were based post-case 1.

147. Why is is ALWAYS Phoenix who initiates relationships/sex dammit. I want a fic where a male of anon's choice (preferably Kristoph, Polly, or Godo...or Edgey) initiates the romance or sex. Please and Thank you.
P.S. it can be a woman if need be. cough*Viola*cough

148. Jake and Neil Marshall, plx.
Hot, steamy, naked bodies, slick against eachother, and of course the sibling love. Preferrably when Jake is in is 20's and Neil in his late teens; frottage is a plus as well!

Bonus points for the underlying tabooness of it all, and they both feel it.

Extra bonus points if Jake lets Neil top him.

149. A male of anon's choice has to get a tatoo of a phoenix, phoenix finds it.

150. Anon has a bizarre craving for Iris femslash. Doesn't matter who, as long as the end result is fluffy. Sex optional.

I mean, where am I gonna find this if I don't ask for it?

Part Two

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